There and Back Again

At last I am writing this blog, I had almost forgotten how to!

We changed our website with the help of two lovely, very patient people. [The stocktaking was a nightmare, thank you for being so patient when the shop was upside down.] I don’t understand most of the new system and have just been able to get into this page so fingers crossed that I do ok.

Last summer was very busy with Trini and Wes’s new baby, she is a little darling and already fascinated with the sewing machine. She is growing fast and it’s fun seeing her wearing clothes that her 17 yr old cousin and even her mother had as babies.

We had family home from Australia and England which was great but the time was too short. Hope they will return soon. Maria and Patrick did some sewing and were good at it, but I think their sports are more important just now. We miss them all.

I had a fun weekend in Galway with the “girls”. We talked constantly with lots of “do you remember?” and “I wonder what whats her name is doing” We put the health boards of different countries in order! Of course we know best,  but we agreed that a lot of things were better then. It’s just that we don’t have time to fix them. A group of Women can have so much fun together even after so much time.

I would like to have more time to sew, it’s my relaxation, challenge and addiction. Like many of us, life is not always plain sailing and I find sewing, whether by machine or hand is great for taking my mind off things and even choosing colours and patterns is relaxing.

The Autumn was a good opportunity to try different designs. I made a Christmas window wall hanging, and then the ‘Tree’ design from the Moda website. It was fun to make and took some concentration and as I used the ‘Snowman Gathering’ fabric it looks a bit different than the pattern.  When I had finished the Tree blocks it looked out of proportion [I made mine wider and shorter than in the pattern] so I added a row of wonky log cabin blocks to the bottom and stars to the top.  Sometimes it is good to stand back and have a good look to see if a quilt is balanced. The picture below shows an in-progress shot and if you click on it you will go to the free pattern.

Because of our new little sweetheart, her mother has had to spend less time in the shop so Sinead and I had to learn about the books …..not our thing, but it was good to stretch ourselves [ sometimes].  The Knit and Stitch went well and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces. Thank you all very much for stopping by and buying from us!

We had a great time with the classes in Christmas  applique. Everybody used the same pattern but the different fabrics made them unique. Thank you to all who brought their wall hangings for the exhibition.

Christmas came and went very quickly, I love family time and am very lucky to have such a great group of nuts!

Our son Dermot  published his first book [it will be a trilogy] just before Christmas. It is called ‘Only Our River’s Run Free’  ‘The Awakening’ by Dermot O’Mahoney. It is a look at how our leaders, who were killed during the Easter rising of 1916, might view modern Ireland. It is very much an Irish history/mythology book and is fascinating to read. I learned so much about our history and our stories. I love it and am very proud of him.

We have some really beautiful fabric in now that I would love to use in a quilt. My favourites just now are the ‘William Morris’ and of course ‘Anni Downs’. I’ll have to spend some time with them!

I recently found some sayings while having a clear out so I’ll leave you with one — ‘A man who makes no mistakes usually does not make anything’

Happy Sewing

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