The grass is ris

I wonder where the birdies is.

Some say the bird is on the wing,

But that’s absurd

I say the wing is on the bird!!!

Well the snow came and went and it was a great excuse to sew. I made a quilt of pineapple blocks and star blocks in pinks, cream and white. I was using up leftover fabric and found a lot of white and cream. Having been told not to use both together I thought I would try it. Why not?? They work well and again I have decided that anything goes if you like it. Sinead mixed some of our Moda flannels with William Morris and the resulting quilt is beautiful, she also twinned some Anni Downs cottons with McGee’s wool that she’s had a while and didn’t know what to do with. A lot of our customers told us how much sewing they got done during the snow so there is always a silver lining.

I’ve started working on a snail trail quilt top. I never much liked the pattern but having challenged myself to try it I’m actually now enjoying it!


My head is like a jigsaw puzzle with lots of pieces to fit together, I can be halfway through a project and get ideas for another which may bear no relation to it. Just now I want to get back to embroidery which I haven’t done for a while. I particularly like variegated threads as the colour mixtures are gorgeous and we are going to get some for the shop. I usually take some embroidery to do on holiday as it’s easy to carry……put the needle in the fabric and see what happens !!!

Talking of the shop we are organising our second sewing retreat which will be in the Woodenbridge Hotel in July. We had such fun at the last one and many enquiries for another. I think we all enjoyed having time and space to work on what we love and make new friends while we do it.

As most of you know we are based in Newtownmountkennedy and are very happy there, so were delighted to giveĀ  support to ‘Strictly Newtown’ which played to a full house last month. So much work was put in by all to produce a hugely entertaining night. The funds raised will go to developing a greenway between Newtown and Kilcoole and to the sea, to allow walkers and cyclists a safe and scenic route. Many congratulations to all involved.

The garden is blooming again and its lovely to see all the colours returning. Natures puts all sorts of colours together and its inspires me when choosing fabrics. Why not? Try it, look at nature and let it help you choose your colours, they don’t have to match.