With all the self isolation, which us introverts LOVE, many of us are breaking into our stash and picking up semi finished projects.

During some bad weather last year when I finally had my own sewing space in the house I tried working my way through a few half started projects. I realised quickly that there were several quite different ones in varying states of completion. Some needed extra fabrics bought, some had all components ready but not cut, some of them had a deadline and others didn’t. My brain felt like the scrap basket after the Apple Tree toddler has upended it.

So in order to calm my freaking out brain and allow myself some headspace to actually enjoy working on these projects (which is the whole point of them after all!), I designed myself a project planning sheet.

Even though the first layout of the sheet didn’t quite work perfectly for what I needed, it did radically help me enjoy my sewing time more. I could see immediately what was a priority, I could quickly identify which projects were quick or easy and which required more time or brain power. I could then get to work fast on a given project depending on the time available, the materials and my brain capacity that day.

So after some feedback from myself I have just redesigned it. There is room for 6 project details, I tried squeezing in more but that makes for a messy worksheet which defies the point.

There is a small amount of space for a project title or name, a due date if there is one and who or what the project is for, ie a friend, a customer order or an exhibition. There is a bit more space for a project description, useful if it doesn’t have a name. I put things like ‘xmas red/creams, santa/reindeer/snowman’ or ‘orange peel dbl quilt – red, blue, cream – annoying’.

I have added space for a list of what needs to be done on it i.e add applique, borders, binding, cut sashing etc. I also added space for noting what I need to buy to complete it, wadding, thread backing etc. And of course space for a great big tick when it is completed! I take a photo of the sheet so when I am in the shop I can check what I need and get it, that way my list stays with my sewing machine.

This new design will hopefully be even better and I hope it will help you too. I’ve kept it a bit generic so it will work for all kinds of crafts. If you do several then maybe print one for each craft and use a different colour pen per craft to help keep track.

Apple Tree Crafts Project Planner Printable

Feel free to share with friends too and let me know how it works for you.

Happy  Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting/Painting/Writing/Creating!!