We all make mistakes and I made a whopper. I made 64 quilt blocks and when I tried to join them together realised they were done wrong! After lots of bad words and tantrums I picked up my faithful stitch ripper and put it to work. I now have the blocks separated out again but the outside layer of each one will have to be unpicked .  I will do that when I can wrap my head around it, for now I need to walk away and work on something different. It has taught me to slow down and engage brain ( for now) I think I will restitch a bit now and again between other projects.

The shop was looking very festive last week with 56 mini quilts  put up. Thank you very much to everyone who lent us their work. I kept looking up at them and couldn’t decide which is my favourite they are all gorgeous. It has made me think of how much work goes into making a quilt of any size. From getting an idea to choosing colours/prints (changing your mind 100 times) to making the blocks and joining them and then deciding on borders, wadding, backing, quilting and binding. You have a beautiful quilt made but did you ever think about how long the whole process took? I never know. If somebody did some work on your house or your car you would pay them by the hour so we should all learn to value our work and time.

Last month my son Donal went with the Eastern Region Special Olympics team to the National Games. His club is Lakers and they sent 40 athletes who came back with 47 medals. Donal got gold in swimming which is a great credit to his coaches. He has participated in so many sports but we could never get him to swim so we are so thankful to them for this. He is as humble as ever.

Recently Trina and I went to the Mermaid Theatre to see “The Lion King” performed by Lakers. Donal was drumming the jungle drums which opened the show. It was a wonderful night and a great tribute to the hard work of the producers, volunteers, choreographers and of course the members themselves who shone like the stars they are and inspired us all.


Our latest addition to the shop is an embroidery thread stand. It is something we have wanted for a long time and we are in love with the giant spinny thing in the corner. Freya loves to pull all the threads off and throw them around, its the perfect toy for a 1 year old. My second love is creative embroidery, like the picture above right. I added borders using our new landscape batiks, they are perfect. Sinead also dabbles in embroidery and Trina does cross stitch so now we have no excuse to not do more. I love to do embroidery in the evenings and if I’m travelling and have limited space.

Trina reminded me of the William Morris design “The Strawberry Thief” the other day when a blackbird stole our only ripe strawberry in the garden. I am waiting every day for more to ripen but the birds will probably beat me to it. We must try to get a bolt of the design as it is one of his most famous.

Enjoy the rest of the good weather, it goes too soon. The garden is very dry but will soon recover and after the long winter I can’t complain.

According to our holly bush we are in for a very bad winter as I have never seen so many berries on it. That makes no sense to me so if anyone can explain it I would love to know.

Happy Sewing,