Service or Fix your Machine with Apple Tree.


We act as agents for Singer Regional Service Centre. You can bring your broken or overworked sewing machine to us and we will make sure it’s fully repaired and serviced. We take in any make and model of machine, any age, new or old, electric, manual or digital.

Our technician Michael Mooney has been trained by several machine manufacturers including Bernina, Brother, Singer, Pfaff and Silver. He is fully qualified and highly experienced and can service and repair any brand of machine, including Brother, Husqvarna, Bernina, New Home, Janome, Alfa, Crownpoint, Frister & Rossman, Necchi, Juki and many many more. Machines purchased in Aldi and Lidl can also be serviced with us.

What to do When Bringing your Machine for Repair or Service:

  • Leave your full name and phone number on your machine or with us on the docket. If you are leaving your machine in a bag or box please add your name to this also. Drop your machine into us anytime during opening hours, Tues-Sat, 10-5.30.
  • Pay your deposit. We charge a €20 deposit on sewing machine repairs/services which comes off your final bill at collection.
  • Make sure your machine is clean, particularly if its been in a shed or attic for some time.
  • Always leave it threaded with both top and bottom threads and if possible a sample of fabric to show what is going wrong. Michael will be able to see quicker if there is a threading issue causing problems. Also leave the settings or stitch selections as they were when the issue occurred.
  • Give as accurate a description of any problems as possible, describing the action that causes the issue, eg, when I sew fast the needle bends/breaks. Include anything else Michael may need to test repairs, eg, if you are having problems while free motion sewing, include your free motion/embroidery foot.
  • Think about how much you are willing to spend on repairs. A service costs €55 with any extra parts added onto this. We rarely see charges going over €70/€80 however it does happen. Michael can advise whether he thinks a machine might be worth saving or scrapping depending on costs of repairs.
  • ALWAYS include the foot pedal and plug! They are different for each machine and while Michael does have spares he may not have one to fit yours.
  • Many problems with machines are caused by the user, particularly with new machines. Please don’t get mad with Michael, or us!! He does not accuse anyone of being bad at sewing. There are just a few basics that are often not taught or picked up when learning and we can often be unaware of, ourselves included, as he often reminds us! As he often says, “I may be driving for 50 years and know a bit about cars but that does not make me a mechanic.”
  • Make sure to read your manual thoroughly, if you have lost it download one, request a new one from the shop you bought your machine in or look up a YouTube video of how to use your particular machine.
  • Your machine needs to be serviced approximately every year. Even if it is not used often it can still build up with dust and grease. Take good care of it and it should last many years. In general sewing machines tend to be very well made and when used correctly and taken care of the only reason for changing them should be because an upgrade is needed or wanted. In this case, hold onto the older machine as it will be used when the newer one is getting serviced or refusing to play ball. They are great but they are like cats, sometimes there is no talking to them.
  • Don’t forget to pick it up and try it out! We will ring you when your machine is back and appreciate when machines are collected promptly, ideally within a few days. We simply do not have the storage space to hold machines for long and we do not accept responsibility for them either. Any machines not collected after 2 weeks may be donated to charity or returned to Michael for parts.
  • Try your machine as soon as possible after getting it back, particularly after repair. Michael will guarantee his repairs for 3 months but you MUST check it promptly within that time or further investigations into the repair will not be covered. In the unlikely event that it is still not repaired then he will need to see the machine again.
  • Last but not least, please be patient. Michael is a very skilled and in demand super machine repair guy and travels around the country working his magic. As a result while we usually have machines returned to us within days, sometimes it takes a bit longer.