Marie has been noticeable in her absence (blogwise) of late so I’ve decided to pop in and say hi! I’m Trina and I run Apple Tree Crafts with my mam Marie and sister Sinead.

I’m loving our brief bursts of summer and even though I silently curse the rain each time our weather turns I also love how much greener everything is when the rain stops and the sun shines again.

My sewing life is currently a little different to Marie’s as I have Freya my spirited toddler to keep me occupied but it is a great way of reminding me that life is cyclical if nothing else. Marie was once where I am now, trying to get things done while chasing a gorgeous little one around. Soon enough I’m sure I’ll have enough energy left at the end of the day to do some sewing while Freya sleeps, maybe when she stops requesting stories at 4.30am!

I do attempt it during waking hours on occasion but she is so fascinated with the machine it makes it a little tricky. She will sit on my knee and put her hands on mine but something will draw her attention and her hand shoots out to grab a thread or move the stitch length. It makes life interesting that’s for sure.

I often think how magical it must be for her to be growing up in this colourful playground full of fabric and lovely people visiting. It reminds me of the movie You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan runs the bookshop that had been her mothers.

For those of you who don’t know how I started sewing here is a little backstory – When the shop opened in 2012 I was helping out with admin, bookkeeping and passing some time while signed off work sick. The first course of evening classes we ran had a free spot so Sinead asked if I wanted to sew something, I said I’d love to learn to sew a cushion cover and that was it……..I was HOOKED 🙂 After actively avoiding anything sewing related for so long I could not believe how much I now loved it, and needed it ;). Fast forward a few years and I’m creating my own patterns, teaching alongside Sinead in all of our classes and 100% in love with fabric.

Love + light,