It’s been a while since I have felt like sitting down to write a post for the blog but I’m back again at last, hopefully I’ll remember to post more often!

I have a problem with my eyes and cutting accurately is a bit difficult at times. As is reading and writing. I had surgery in January which didn’t work and am now having homeopathy so we’ll see how that goes! It’s very frustrating.

The lecture and workshops back in March with Kaffe and Brandon were great fun and now seems like ages ago. A lot of work went into the organising and we had no idea how much fabrics or books to order. Our lovely rep and Kaffe’s group were very helpful. It all happened so fast it was like a dream except for seeing all the wonderful quilts. I loved seeing them in progress and have since greatly admired some finished. Well done to all, they are amazing!  We were lucky to spend some time with Kaffe and Brandon and they are really lovely guys with interest in everything.

I used the hexagon pattern from the ‘Quilts in Morocco’ book, and now I really love it. I used a Tula Pink Dot for the border and a Tula Pink backing.   It was good to get out of my comfort zone and use colours and designs I thought I didn’t want, and to do it quickly so I didn’t have time to dither – a great learning curve. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I love to learn something new. Caitriona has finished her’s in fabulous greens and purples. It’s gorgeous and we’re looking forward to getting it back from the quilter. Sinead’s quilt is using diamonds from the ‘Quilts in Ireland’ book. With all the admin she has to do her quilt is a bit behind ours but looking amazing.

It can be hard to get the time for all we want to do and every now and again ordinary life takes over and leaves us with less time. I have so many ideas going around in my head and not enough time for them, but we know we are lucky to work with what we love.

The garden is doing well now complete with some wild flowers [some are known as weeds] which we are encouraging to feed the bees and other insects. Trina’s daughter Freya loves ladybirds so I help her to find them and hope they will multiply. She’s not allowed to squash any! She has several books from the “What the Ladybird Heard” series and we all get our turn reading them to her. She loves the garden and has her own little wheelbarrow to help with the work!!  She planted a sunflower plant today and we hope it will stay there to grow big without help from little hands pulling it up.

I recently came back from a holiday in Greece which was so relaxing. I did very little except ride on the back of a quad bike for which I had to summon up all my courage (I’m a chicken). We broke down twice after a mile and then I was told the brakes were not good. (The driver was my son!) So we returned and I am delighted I got brave… Don’t think I’ll bungy jump though!!

I have a couple of sewing projects waiting for me by the machine but it is sometimes hard to leave the garden. I just watched a small bird taking food from the feeder to feed it’s baby in the tree. We now have a new resident in the garden to join the cats, hedgehogs, birds and insects. Squirrel Nutkin arrived this morning to help the birds eat their breakfast. I hope he brings some friends next time! Isn’t nature wonderful? 

I am currently using up scraps to make bags. It’s my way of having fun while trying to live zero waste 🙂

Happy nature watching… Marie