Christmas In August 2020

This years event is over and while it was a technical disaster it was also a roaring success thanks to our wonderful customers and viewers. The video we tried to play during the event was misbehaving but it is here now for you to watch at your leisure, be warned, it’s about an hour long!

Christmas in August 2020 Video; News, Views & Demos

A special annual event to thank our loyal customers

New Fabrics – Special Offers – Tips – Inspiration – Prizes


If you have been to our previous events you will know you are in for a treat!

This will be our 6th year running Christmas In July and we work hard to make it better every year. This year is a bit of a challenge but 6 years of preparing demo’s, ordering fabrics, planning surprises and arranging sewing sessions is great fun and from your response we know you love it as much as we do.

it’s happening on

Friday August 28th @ 7pm

So, what exactly happens at Christmas in July? It sounds a bit weird.

Well, yes, it does sound weird to be thinking of Christmas when our precious summers are all too short. However if you make crafts or gifts then you will know it pays to start early, even if that’s just planning and gathering materials. 

This year especially we know many of you want to just forget about reality and indulge in a little festive fantasy, well we do too!
So during summer the festive fabrics begin to arrive, usually some as early as May. This year things are a bit behind, up to 5 weeks in some cases but, they are coming! As they arrive we hide them away from eager eyes and prepare projects, kits and patterns based on them.
We showcase these at Christmas in August where attendees are first to see the new season prints, get exclusive one-off discounts, tips and hints, demos and free stuff!
So on Friday August 28th at 7pm, fire up your computer, grab a festive tipple, settle into your seat and wait for the show to start!
The 3 of us, Marie, Trina and Sinead, will take turns demonstrating different techniques or patterns. We will show examples of simple projects to make and share some tricks that we find helpful.
After the demo’s is SHOPPING TIME! This seems to be everyone’s favourite bit judging by how fast the fabric disappears. You can take advantage of special once-off offers, which we never do at any other time on brand new fabrics, you can also grab some fabulous panels, pre-cuts and prints before they sell out, which happens sometimes!
As a special treat we will also be giving you a discount code to use at checkout which will save you money on a lot of our normal products on our website so if you need plains, blenders, waddings or even pins to go with your festive purchases then we have you covered!
*** so how do I join in? ***

usually we hand out tickets with a minimum spend to ensure our loyal and regular customers can get a seat at the event

This year, as we are moving the event online, we have decided to open the invitation to everyone on our email list.


So if you receive our newsletter each month then just open the most recent one and scroll down until you see a button asking you to confirm attendance, that will add your email address to a second Christmas 2020 list and we will email everyone on that list with a link to the event. It will be a YouTube video and will not be public so you MUST HAVE the link to be able to watch.


Not on our email list? Not a bother, simply sign up here and wait for your email, it might not come instantly but we will be sending a couple more out before the event so you wont miss your chance to join us.