Welcome to your Monthly Thread Bundle

Hand picked by us each month

Every month a pretty parcel filled with colour themed threads will be yours to enjoy. All you have to do is pick the bundle that is just right for you and we will do the rest. This is the ideal way to build your stash and fall in love with new colours.

*WARNING! You may find yourself becoming a little obsessed with your new threads and abandoning your responsibilities in order to sew, we are happy to help by keeping you in thread! 


Aurifil’s 50wt thread is their most versatile and most popular Cotton thread.

The 50wt is strong and thin, and results in remarkably flat and crisp seams. While it is wonderful for piecing, subtle quilting & topstitching just take a look at all it’s other uses...

Needle Turn Applique, English Paper Piecing, Hand Piecing, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, Zig Zag, Blind Hem, and Blanket Stitch), Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, Dense Background Designs.

Ooh we can’t wait to get sewing with pretty new threads!


Check out the calendar of colour! Your thread stand will be a beautiful rainbow in no time.


Our first bundles will be sent in Oct and the sequence will follow the order above.

Bundle 1 

3 x 200m Spools (Light, Medium, Dark)

2 x 1300m Spools ( 1 Neutral + 1 Variegated)

€31.90 plus shipping


Bundle 2

2 x 200m Spools

1 Co-ordinating 1300m Spool

€17.95 plus shipping


If you use a lot of a particular shade just call us and we can send you a cone of it with your next bundle

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