Our Little Quilt Shop in Newtownmountkennedy is bright and cheerful, full of colourful patchwork fabrics and gorgeous quilts.

In Apple Tree Crafts we understand how important it is to use only the highest quality fabrics in your quilts. As quilters ourselves, we make quilts for our loved ones all the time and we like to know that all of our materials are top notch. We put a lot of thought into the planning and execution of each project and we know that you do too. Getting help with measurements, colours and patterns is a necessary part of quilting. We often ask each-others opinions and advice, we don’t always listen but it’s good to know it’s there!

apple tree crafts newtownmountkennedy quality fabrics custom made quilts and quilt shop

As a quilt shop, we provide this service to our customers all the time and we take it very seriously. We can help with choosing the perfect pattern, selecting a well-balanced colour palette and ensuring you don’t leave with too little wadding or fabric, trust us, it’s a lot worse than having too much!

We absolutely LOVE quilting, especially pulling out all the fabrics and matching them up for a new project, it’s our play-time. We encourage our customers to do just that too so don’t be shy, come on in and play to your heart’s content!

Our cottons are also suitable for clothing, bedding, light curtains and many other crafts. We have regular customers who come to us when they are using their favourite dress, blouse, skirt or trousers pattern for themselves or for a child. We have recently added some craft cottons to our stock which are ideal for multiple craft projects. Come in and see how gorgeous they are!

First and foremost, Apple Tree Crafts is a working quilt shop and studio so when you visit you run the risk of entering in the middle of a creative ‘episode’. In other words, sometimes the shop is buried under what we like to call ideas  – but other people might call mess – or on occasion, bombsite! Handily enough, it’s kept under control as we have to tidy up regularly for classes, we don’t want to go losing any students under fabric mountains.

We love helping our customers and feel real satisfaction and pride when you return to show us your finished projects. We welcome you to send us pictures showing how you have used fabrics bought from us via email or Facebook or even better, bring it to the shop!


marie o mahoney

Mammy Marie

So about us…

We are 3 former supermodels who made lots of money on the runway and retired to make quilts forever after. Yes really! No?

Ok, we are actually a Mammy (Márie) and two daughters (Sinéad and Trina) who pinch ourselves every day to make sure we are not dreaming. We opened the shop in July 2012 without really thinking through the details (ALWAYS a great idea!) and are overwhelmed by the response we have had. The shop quickly acquired several regulars and we often welcome passers-by as well as those making a deliberate journey to our door. We have built up a wide range of the highest quality kinds of cotton on the market for patchwork and quilting and we strive to make sure we keep it that way. We are constantly expanding our ranges and aim to be the best quilt shop EVER!

We really appreciate our customers, especially as these days it’s so easy to order online. However our customers know that while buying online may be more convenient, they will not get the help and advice they need from a website, and so we now provide you with both. We have the convenience of ordering from a website and the utter joy of a physical quilt shop. You can visit, touch the gorgeous fabrics, see for yourself how we put quality and great service above everything, take a class, join a retreat and just let your heart sing in delight at being in such inspiring surroundings.

Colour matching is so important to us quilters and it can only truly be done in person, getting parcels of fabric in the post is fun but it’s even better to come to the quilt shop and touch it yourself and make sure it’s right before buying!

So come visit us! The kettle is always on AND there’s even a semi-comfy chair for un-quilty people so you can browse in absolute peace! For those of you travelling a distance to see us, we are spoilt for choice for delicious places to eat, we are very happy to recommend somewhere for you.